(dir.) Decroos (B.), Peleman (D.), Van Gerrewey (C.)

OASE#102 : Schools & Teachers, The Education of an Architect in Europe

n°102 de la revue néerlandaise Oase, éditions ©nai010, mars 2019.

1er mars 2019 / Autres documents

"Architectural training seems to be more difficult to organize than ever before. After May 1968, education was radically democratized, or at least that was the intention. However, the 1999 Bologna Declaration radically changed the structure of architecture schools as well. Is there any tradition left to hand down to students ? What skills do they need before they can enter the job market ? And how about the kind of knowledge that may not be practical, but is nevertheless necessary to fully understand the culture and history of architecture ? Is the architect a critical intellectual or rather a successful entrepreneur ?"

"This issue of OASE examines European schools and teachers from the 1960s to the present day. Do educational institutes emphasize a particular architecture ? What is the relationship between design and history ? What is the impact of famous architects who teach ? The issue concludes with three interviews about the architecture schools of today and about the challenges for the future."


  • Schools & Teachers : The Education of an Architect in Europe
    Christophe Van Gerrewey, David Peleman, Bart Decroos
  • Just before the Revolution : Teaching Architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts (1962-1968)
    Éléonore Marantz
  • Multidisciplinarity : A Brief History of UP1 (1968-1984)
    Stéphanie Dadour and Juliette Pommier
  • Architecture at La Cambre
    Pauline Fockedey
  • The Geneva School (1999-2007)
    Vanessa Lacaille and Mounir Ayoub
  • The System of Learning : Guido Canella’s Teaching Theatre
    Francesco Zuddas
  • Drawing Lessons from Aldo Rossi’s Pedagogical Project
    Martino Tattara
  • Foundations for Design Knowledge : O.M. Ungers’ Wochenaufgaben as Practice-Based Understanding
    Lara Schrijver
  • Whitewashing Philosophical Graffiti Dalibor Vesely and the Conflict between Education and Research at Cambridge University
    Joseph Bedford
  • An Interview at the WTC Brussels Architectural Practice and Education "From the Inside Out"
    Isabelle Doucet
  • Vanstiphout Earth and Excavation Works : The Essential Delusion of a Possible History
    Peter Swinnen
  • Attractive Opposites : A Conversation with Francesco Marullo
    Christophe Van Gerrewey

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