Going public

Wonderland n°3, Vienne, 2008.

Wonderland est un magazine qui a pour objectifs de développer les échanges entres les jeunes architectes en Europe. Il porte sur les pratiques des architectes européens et notamment à travers l’expérience de professionnels faisant partie du réseau European Wonderland (99 équipes) créé en 2003, en Autriche.

« What is the role that going public plays for architects today ? Is it an option or a must ? And what is it all about ? Getting published, getting new commissions, or defining the public role for architects within the communities and realities they work in ? The issue is not clear but seems unavoidable nevertheless. Not only for those who are out there trying to make a living out of architecture, but also for Wonderland itself, the association behind this magazine, which started out with the aim of bringing the work of “start-up” offices to public attention. »


why to go public

A parallel universe
Reasons for going public

How low can you go ?
_ on the morality of going public

Reality check #3
_ Survey about going public in architecture

How to disappear completely …
About (not) making publicity for oneself

White noise
Round table discussion

Reading architecture
layers of interpretation

how to go public

How to get noticed in the press
Do’s and dont’s for communication with the media

Editors advice : go electronic
How to contact the media

A mirror to the outside
interview with visual identity specialist Thomas Manss

How to choose an architecture photographer

Architectural copyright
interview with lawyer Thomas Höhne

Please do judge my book by its cover
The four cardinal virtues of public relations

where to go public

Where is it leading to ?
Four practices share their views

Regulations in the European union

Internet platforms
Architecture on the internet : an European overview

Countries in detail
Going public : six local strategies

Selfless self-promotion
Selfless publicity for a better world

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