2007 International Workshop

Evaluating public-private partnerships

What impacts on commissions and the project ? What impacts on the quality of buildings and services ?

29-30 November 2007, INHA, Paris

30 novembre 2007

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Scientific organisation : Elisabeth Campagnac, Latts
This workshop –seminar is organised in partnership with
Laboratoire Techniques, Territoires et Sociétés, Latts, Enpc
And supported by
Plan Urbanisme Construction Architecture (PUCA)

Session 1 :The impact of PPP on commission

Round-table 1 : PPP : what are they ?
Debater : Thérèse Evette, Let, Ensa Paris-La Villette

 The diversity of PPP in Europe, Pr Hans Wilhelm Alfen, Bauhaus Universität, Weimar, Allemagne
 Institutional PPP and contractual PPP, Christian Gauffin, Neels secretary, Sweden
 The implementation of the partnership contract in France : continuity and breakdown, Elisabeth Campagnac, Latts, Enpc, France

Round-table 2 : Changes in terms of commission and redefining of public clients competences
Debater : Elisabeth Campagnac, Latts, Enpc

 The experience of "competitive dialogue", Alain Arnaud, Main Officer, New Evry-Corbeil Hospital, France
 Delegating operating, monitoring performances : which new competences for the public clients ?, Guy Garcin, AMOTMJ, Ministry of Justice Agency, France
 The consultants as mediators between public and private partners, Lionel Serbat,
2i conseil, France

Session 2 : The impact of PPP on the quality of buildings and services

Round-table 3 : Public commission, private commission and architectural design
Debater : Véronique Biau, Crh-Cressac, UMR Louest, Ensa Paris Val-de-Seine

 [Commission management and quality of Design], John Senan Cole, manager of Real estate development, department of Health and public safety, North-Ireland, Royaume-Uni
 Gestion de la commande et qualité du service, Christian Berehouc, Mainh, mission d’appui aux investissements hospitaliers, France
 Evaluating the quality of design in the PFI projects, Tim Drewitt, Riba, Royaume-Uni

Round-table 4 : From the commission to the project, from construction to services : redefining of design
Debater : Marc Colombard-Prout, CSTB and François Lautier, Let

 Design in PPP : loss or redefining the architects’ competences ?, Antoine Mazzoni, Latts, France
 Lessons from the PPP experience, Nicolas Chabanne, architecte, France
 The high environmental quality : design under competitive dialogue, Nicolas Favet, architect planner, Club D2C management, France
 Quality of the buildings and environmental issues, Nicolas de Maistre, PFE, Latts, France

Session 3 : Evaluating PPP

Round-table 5 : Nature and status of evaluation : ex ante and ex post evaluation : economic and accounting dimension
Debater : Pr Hans Wilhelm Alfen, Bauhaus Universität, Weimar, and Frédéric Bougrain, CSTB

 The institutions of evaluation and the national variations, Pr. Hans Wilhem Alfen, Bauhaus Universität, Weimar, Allemagne
 Status of evaluation in a PPP contract, Francois Bergère, main manager of MAPP,
French Treasury PPP Task Force, Ministère des Finances, France
 The best value for money and its main issues, Pr Geert Dewulf, Twente University, Netherlands
 Costs evaluation as a theme of debate in United Kingdom, David Price, Edinburgh University, United Kingdom

Round-table 6 : What changes in the services : intermediary services and final services ?
Debater : Elisabeth Campagnac, Latts, Enpc

 The practices of ex post evaluations : PFI in schools, Sir Andrew Foster, author of "PFI in schools" report, ordered by Audit Commission, United Kingdom
 Lessons from ex post evaluations for PFI in hospitals and roads, Jean Shaoul, Manchester business school, Manchester University, United Kingdom
 The US experience : an overview and some observations on design and service implications, Charles Brecher, Graduate school of public service, New-York University, Etats-Unis
 Intermediary service, final service : lessons from the outsourcing of services (schools, hospitals), Margie Jaffe, Policy Officer, Unison, United Kingdom

Session 4 : Synthesis and research perspectives

Synthesis of PhDs about the PPP in the Eastern Europe
Keynote speakers :

 Cathy Zadra Veil, LED-SIGEM, , university of Paris 8, France
 Rein Juriado, Stockholm University, Sweden
 Sredojevic Sladjana, European Investment Bank (EIB)

Research session : main questions, social debates and research perspectives
Keynote speakers :

 Elisabeth Campagnac, Latts, and members of the Ramau scientific committee