28/02/18 - Appel à contributions - Collective action, commons and commoning : towards the emergence of new forms of territorial development processes ?

mercredi 28 février 2018

Appel à contributions dans le cadre de la session spéciale "Collective action, commons and commoning : towards the emergence of new forms of territorial development processes ?" du 58e colloque de l’ERSA Cork "Places for People : Innovative, Inclusive and liveable Regions" organisée par L. Kebir, F. Wallet, A. Ochojski et A. Polko à Cork du 28 au 31 août 2018.


"These phenomena question the way in which the development of territories is conceived today. The economic and competitiveness dimensions (creation of knowledge, productive resources, etc.) now also combine societal and non-economic aspects (improvement of wellbeing and quality of life, resilience, etc.). It tends to become increasingly explicit in development strategies. These phenomena are also signs of an evolution of our society towards more collective and participative modes of exploitation and management of territorial resources in which stakeholders and in particular users are involved. These approaches seem today to reflect an aspiration towards a more localized, inclusive, sustainable and equitable development model ; without ignoring the tensions and conflicting dimensions of development. In this context, several questions emerge :

  • What are new ‘territorial’ commons, how do they develop across Europe, and how do they contribute to innovation and territorial development ?
  • How do these common goods mobilize the territory, its resources, its actors and its proximities ?
  • What implications do they have in terms of actors and governance ? In particular, regarding equity (risks of exclusion phenomena and free riders), long-term management of the good (management of negative externalities, rivalries) and associated potential conflicts ?
  • What are the research approaches and specific methodology challenges targeting the commons and commoning that need further mastering ?
  • How do these phenomena question territorial development ? How do they contribute to the renewal of models, methods and approaches ?


Date limite de soumission : 28 février 2018

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