Lefebvre (P.)

I, T.T. Stands. Two Days in the Life of an Object in the Making

Ardeth, n°02, pp. 97-117, Automne 2018

1er novembre 2018

"What does it take to describe the design of an object from the point of view of the object itself ? What are the implications of writing on its behalf, in the first person and in the active voice ? Through the partial and biased description of a single scene of observa-tion, this paper explores the way ethnographies of architecture and their accompanying theories, such as the actor-network theory, are able to widen our conceptions of the design participants’ agency. Un-dertaken as a writing experiment, the chosen mode of description aims at expanding our ability – as observer and as designer – to account for, and work with, multiple gradients of existence. By amplifying and specifying the various ways in which the object-in-the-making is participating in the design decisions, the text does not only push the limits of our usual ac-counts of design, it also insists on the active attention that all participants of the design process, human and non human, require."

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