Roux (J.-M.)

The International Cooperation in Planning Studio as a Pedagogical Approach. Experiences from Grenoble & Sfax (2012-20)

Transactions of the Association of European Schools of Planning, vol. 5 n°2, Changing Contexts for Planning Education, AESOP, 2022

1er décembre 2021 / Actes de colloque

"In 2012, an international planning studio was organized by the Urban Planning Institute of Grenoble (France) at Sfax (Tunisia). What could have been a one-off project evolved into a long-term cooperation between French and Tunisian partners. The international cooperation in urbanism studio is now the focus of the teaching approach in both years of the Urbanism and International Cooperation master’s programme. This paper firstly considers the theoretical and practical contexts in which these studios developed. It then goes on to explore the planning
concepts on which they are built. The main pedagogical characteristics are then drawn out. Finally, the lessons which can be learned from this experience and the potential for these to be applied elsewhere are evaluated."

Sommaire de l’article :

1. Introduction

2. Characteristics of the International Cooperation in Planning Studio

  • 2.1. Definitions
  • 2.2. Genesis
  • 2.3. The Institutional Setting of the Grenoble-Sfax Cooperation
  • 2.4. Planning Concept and Learning Objectives of the Masters Programme

3. Grenoble and Sfax : A Case Study

  • 3.1. An Experience Over Two Years
  • 3.2. Strengths and Weaknesses of Mixing Learners
  • 3.3. Posture and Methods of Teaching
  • 3.4. Assessments and Management of Difficulties
  • 3.5. Managing Difficulties

4. Effects of the Studio on Students

  • 4.1. Students’ Preparation for Practice
  • 4.2. Long Term Effects on Students

5. Conclusion

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